Somos No Joke

by Big Quarters

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[Brandon Allday] 5 out of 5 working artists agree don't matter what they say, spell my name correctly brandon allday chewing on a licorice between the high stress and hi-res images industry full of cannibal gimmickry i don't smoke weed and i speak too literally love to get inducted nothing like the scrimmages fresh off the limited brand new fresh from the syndicate famfeud with the pressure like a finger print on-the-fly scheming, online streaming broadband and dial-up, pro tools and final cut recognize we stand on the shoulders of giants inca, aztec, maya love keep pouring, rhymes keep pouring as long as we breathing, me and zach keep recording [Chorus] never, never, never, never never have I ever never ever felt much better x4 [Brandon Allday] 5 out 5 working artists agree life sound better out the mpc when the blue pull up, please don't interrupt i got things on the agenda beatmaking, rap recording watching piers morgan if a rapper quote it tell 'em who wrote it she dream to pitch a script and shoot a pilot shop on the reg with her personal stylist forever jordan over kobe congrats anna kate and yomi taught a couple big quarters how to save a dollar but couldn't teach a grown man how to be a father figure that out, when he figure that out dinner on me and my bank account, all drinks on the house sound boring til the crowd roaring big quarters [Chorus] never, never, never, never never have I ever never ever felt much better x4
Work 03:38
Year Round 01:16
Two Diamonds 02:41
[Brandon Allday] let the tires spin out cold as it get out the cradle booked up and the cable hooked up at the manor brim down and my hood up brandon allday saying yeah they could a been, let me summarize, so many other guys but we consistently provide i wanted fake she wanted balsam fir so we compromised and i bought hers, go figure store on cedar, garden on 42nd hit home depot and put it on the credit plus a base to make it stand up 900 lights right to wrap the 6 feet plus woke up in a dream i've been living grateful for the friends that keep my number in their kitchen on the fridgidaire send a prayer for the heathens i don't need a dollar, an apology or reason [Chorus] no 2 diamonds are exactly alike x4 [Brandon Allday] pass me on a round of britneys red plastic cup and a tip from chris blood won't trust a politician in the year of an election but negotiation is not out the question keep writing with a migraine and agenda 46 inch screen playing kendra how i met your mother she like jay-z and usher never let her go since i got her number take it as a lesson or first impression but won't mistake opportunity for affection light up the rubber match smells like michelin burning, the elves working playing these holiday cuts on pandora feel the storm coming tell by the aroma felipe esparza he comic relief brandon allday put the rhymes with the beats no 2 diamonds are exactly alike i'm just glad i got one in my life [Chorus] no 2 diamonds are exactly alike x4


released November 23, 2012

(B.Bagaason) Jesus Was A Commie (ASCAP)
(Z.Bagaason) Real Proper Like (ASCAP)


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